My Special Place of Employment

When I’m not at the beach with my family and friends, painting, or working on projects of my own, I’m working for a small sister owned boutique called ARTichoke. 


What It’s Like Running a One-Woman Business at 18

Running a business by yourself isn’t all success stories, smiles, and endless money flow into your own bank account. It’s a lot of hard work, planning, and organization. You have to play all the different roles by yourself that are needed to create a functioning system. But support from friends and family can make it the most rewarding job in the world. 

What It’s Like to See People Wearing Your Brand

When you’re little you always question the “big happenings” of the future- whether it’s what college you’ll go to, who your first boyfriend will be, or what job you’ll decide to pursue. As a fashion designer seemed to become more and more of a realistic dream for me, I added the ongoing question of how it would feel to finally see people wear my clothing & my brand.