I am very excited to be able to sell my designs, but bear with me because the process is currently in its early stages. Your patience with and enthusiasm for Art by Isabel Holden is greatly appreciated! Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or comments and place your order through my email.

Shark print pocket tees

Price: $18.00 + shipping

unnamed-1  Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 7.53.55 PM

KIDS pocket tees:


S- 6; M- 7/8; L- 10/12; XL- 14/16

Price: $15 + shipping

Florence pocket tees:

Price: $18.00 + shipping


Painted Jean (with jean supplied):

Price varies based on commission

Examples of my Work:

Shoelace jeans 

Price: $30.00

You provide the jeans, I work my magic! (Note: works best with mom jeans and loose-fitting jeans)

I will cut & add silver grommets and shoelaces.

Manipulated thrift shop tees

*New Items Added Every Day*

$32 + shipping

Still Available:

Click to enlarge.





Click to enlarge.



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